About Me

My accomplishments to date are more in line with academic achievements and business success. Seven years ago this all changed when I began to nurture my passion for writing. I had spent years encouraging my daughter with her writing and then it was my turn.

As a young adult I completed a Bachelor degree in Business and spent ten years in Chartered Accountancy. During that time I also completed my professional year which allowed membership to the Institute of Chartered Accountants.  

I am now qualified to manage my accounts when I finally make it big with my writing!

I am currently in business with my husband, operating a hardware store. While running a business, managing a household and raising three daughters, there was minimal time to devote to writing. What time I could spare, I guarded fiercely. I was never fazed by hard work; there is nothing more satisfying than watching your word count increase as a new and exciting story evolves.

Four years ago I was encouraged to become a member of RWA (Romance Writers of Australia) and haven’t looked back. I now have a full time critique partner and have learnt a great deal about this passion of mine. I wouldn't be where I am without this great organisation. Contemporary women’s fiction and romance is definitely where I want to be. 

I've been making up stories for years and simply found it was time to put them down on paper. My plan is to devote more time to my writing in the near future. I want to incorporate my writing with travel and being able to attend conferences, workshops and all sorts of other exciting writer-related events.

I live in tropical Far North Queensland where the conditions for writing are perfect. 

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